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Vanatoo Transparent One Powered Bookshelf Speakers (Black)


  • Premium Sound Canada is proud to be the first online store in Canada to offer Vanatoo’s Transparent One powered speakers. The Vanatoo Transparent One powered bookshelf speakers are made from heavy duty 18mm thick wood with real cherry veneer, painted black for this model. The speakers reproduce music exactly the way it was recorded, with solid bass, clear midrange, and sparkling highs. The integrated 60 watt/channel amplifier ensures ample volume. The built-in analog and digital inputs allow you to connect to any music source. Whether used as desktop speakers or a streaming music system, the Transparent One is your all-in-one musical solution.

    ClearBass™ Technology

    Vanatoo ClearBass™ technology enables the Transparent One to reproduce lower bass than virtually any other speakers their size, producing the warm, rich low notes as they were intended to be played by the artist. To accomplish this in such a small space, ClearBass™ employs a custom patented XBL™5 ¼" woofer, a long stroke passive radiator, 60 W per channel high efficiency amplifier, and a 24 bit DSP (Digital Signal Processor), all optimized together as one integrated system to provide flat frequency response from 49Hz to 20KHz. There is no "mid bass hump" or other gimmicks common to small speakers. The result is full range sound that is unprecedented from such a small system.

    5 ¼ inch woofer with patented XBL™ technology

    The Transparent One 5 ¼" aluminum cone woofer custom designed by Vanatoo implements the patented XBL™ technology for low distortion and low cutoff frequency. This technology delivers much more linear behavior than can be achieved by conventional woofer designs, meaning the woofer can reproduce heavy bass notes simultaneous with mid-range vocals much more accurately. Bottom line: clearer more precise reproduction of the artist´s music.

    Silk 1" Dome Tweeter

    Silk dome tweeters have a well-deserved reputation for smooth and airy highs. The Vanatoo tweeter carries this legacy forward with extended response and terrific musical detail, without a trace of the harshness that can cause listening fatigue with other designs.

    Custom Passive Radiator Design

    Vanatoo Transparent Ones implement a custom designed passive radiator to better reproduce the lower frequencies rather than the much less expensive ported system design typically used in speakers this size. It is impossible to achieve the bass response exhibited by the Transparent Ones in a box this small with a ported design. And ports have an annoying habit of producing "chuffing" noises when heavy bass is being played.

    Class D Amplifier

    A 60 watt per channel Class D digital amplifier is integrated into the unit for improved performance characteristics and simplicity. Class D amplifiers are much more efficient than the Class AB amplifiers typically used in powered speakers, therefore the Transparent One generates less heat and wastes less power. In addition, the amplifier has a digital signal processor (DSP) embedded which "matches" the amplifier to the speaker drivers to create a flat frequency response. This allows the Transparent One to reproduce music much more accurately than most systems employing a separate amplifier with passive speakers. Visit our AudioSpeak section to learn more about Class D digital amplifiers or digital signal processors.

    Automatic Subwoofer Crossover

    If you need to play lower than 49 Hz or you want to play louder than the physics of a speaker this small allows, use the sub-woofer output to connect to any subwoofer. The Transparent Ones amplifier will detect the presence of the subwoofer and automatically adjust the crossover for you. Just set your subwoofer to run wide open (or set for the highest possible crossover frequency) and adjust the subwoofer volume as desired.

    High Quality Cabinetry

    Cabinets are constructed using real cherry wood veneer and the highest quality ¾ inch MDF for the acoustical attributes desired in audiophile grade speakers. The cherry finish comes in a hand rubbed natural finish or black, painted so you can still enjoy the grain, with a classic styling that fits well in both traditional and modern spaces.

    Affordability & Convenience

    The Vanatoo Transparent One speaker system incorporates a number of audiophile quality components and design at an affordable price. Assembling a similar system from individual components would cost at least twice as much, and lack the tightly integrated system matching of amplifier and speaker drivers through the DSP. All of this means that you can easily have audiophile quality music in any room without a mass of components and a mess of complicated wiring (or hours of research in the quest for optimal performance).

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