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TEAC LS-301-B Bookshelf Speakers


  • The LS-301 Coaxial 2-Way Speaker System from Teac is designed for use in high-resolution audio systems such as Teac's AI-301DA pre-main amplifier. Its coaxial design features a 10cm woofer and 2cm tweeter that are positioned on the same axis. It is capable of 85dB of output.

    Coaxial Speaker for High Resolution Audio Systems

    The LS-301 coaxial loudspeaker allows users to create a high-resolution audio system when partnered with the Teac's AI-301DA pre-main amplifier, as well as other amplifiers. Compact enough to set up on a desktop, this coaxial loudspeaker's woofer and tweeter are positioned on the same axis to create a sense of sonic cohesiveness

    Air Direct Center Pole System

    A high-resolution sound source, offering sound quality superior to CD, demands a talented loudspeaker. In a coaxial design, where the woofer - emitting powerful kinetic energy - and the tweeter - emitting high frequency sound - are both mounted on the same framework, that framework needs to be sturdy and inert. The Air Direct Center Pole System converts the kinetic energy from the woofer into cone movements that deliver sound. However, just as importantly, the system also suppresses and minimizes its own effect upon the tweeter, allowing the HF driver to work at its best

    Woofer and Tweeter

    The woofer uses a pulp cone that's been enhanced with a special resin coating to reproduce heavy, low-pitched frequencies with depth. In the crossover network, a film condenser is used to achieve sound quality, along with an air-core coil in the woofer. The network is carefully positioned so that it is not affected by the magnetic fields emitted by the tweeter coil

    Banana Plug Compatible, Gold-Plated Speaker Terminals

    Gold-plated (to avoid corrosion effects) speaker terminals can accommodate all standard speaker cables, up to and including 8 AWG. The terminals also accept banana plugs

    Rear Bass Reflex

    A bass reflex port is fitted in the rear of the housing. The internal flow of air has been modeled to produce the optimal bass reflex effect

    Removable saran (synthetic fiber) grille

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