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Peachtree Audio deepblue2 Bluetooth Speaker


  • The Deepblue 2 from Peachtree Audio is a true, high-performance wireless speaker system designed to sound great in any size room, work with any Bluetooth equipped device, and be very easy to operate. The Deepblue 2 connects wirelessly via Bluetooth or by an optical or 3.5mm stereo cable from your smartphone, tablet, computer or traditional audio component. So regardless of where your music is stored, or what apps/programs you use to stream it from, you can easily enjoy it through Deepblue 2.

    Bluetooth Technology: The Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 is a high performance Bluetooth (v2.1+EDR) music system which allows you to connect wirelessly to your Bluetooth-enabled Apple iPod touch/iPhone/iPad, Android smartphone/tablet, Blackberry, computer/laptop, or other device. Bluetooth has a range of approximately 33' open air (distance will vary with walls and your device's capability).

    Simple Pairing: Bluetooth is a point A to point B connection. That means no router or proprietary network with complex setup is needed. You can pair your Bluetooth-enabled device in less than five minutes with the Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2. After the initial pairing, your device will auto-pair to the Deepblue 2 when you select its Bluetooth input. Up to 5 devices can be paired with the system, but only one device can be used at a time.

    Music Streaming + aptX: The Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 supports Bluetooth A2DP which means you can wirelessly stream stored music and music apps from your Bluetooth-enabled device to the Deepblue 2 music system. aptX audio coding technology provides even better sound quality with lossless, CD-quality streaming for compatible aptX-compatible smartphones; like many Android smartphones with OS 4.0+.

    3-Way Speaker Design: Getting rich and clear sound from such a compact speaker required five custom designed drivers dedicated to bass, midrange, and highs to form a true three-way speaker system. Two 3" midranges and two 1" silk dome tweeters are placed in their own housing, isolated from the 6.5" bass driver, so you can hear every note and every word of your favorite track. Massive magnets and large voice coils are used to provide control and to handle large amounts of power. Materials optimal to the task were specified at each step of the design process.

    Dual 1" Tweeters: The two 1" tweeters are a silk-dome material with a smooth extended frequency response that sounds more natural than metal-dome tweeters. Large 3/4" voice coils allow them to handle the amount of power needed for them to keep up with the output of the other drivers so the highs don't get lost.

    Dual Midrange Drivers: The two 3" midrange drivers don't need to move as much air as the system's 6.5" bass driver, but they still must act as a perfect piston, plus have wide sound dispersion. The midrange drivers use paper cones for maximum efficiency and natural sound reproduction.

    6.5" Bass Driver: The 6.5" bass driver is a long excursion design with a large-roll surround. Due to its high output, a paper cone was selected for its high stiffness-to-mass ratio which prevents the cone from flexing and outperforms metal and other exotic materials in this respect. You hear not only full bass, but bass that is tight and accurate.

    440W/5Ch Amplifier: The Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 music system has a powerful, built-in 440-watt x 5-channel amplifier which delivers clean power with sound quality, deep bass, and volume output of a much larger traditional HiFi system.

    Acoustically Sealed Cabinet: The Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 utilizes an acoustically sealed cabinet for tight, accurate, and natural sound; the midrange & tweeters are sealed in there own separate chambers away from the bass woofer for greater sound reproduction. The Deepblue 2's front-panel is even angled for better sound dispersion. There is a handle smartly integrated into the back panel, making it easy to move the Deepblue 2 Bluetooth speaker from room to room.

    Digital Signal Processing w/ Smart Volume: A sophisticated Digital Signal Processor (DSP) allowed Peachtree Audio to squeeze out every last ounce of performance, giving the Deepblue 2 fullness and clarity. The Deepblue 2 music system tracks the incoming music signal for its continuous and peak signals to provide clear distortion-free sound at any volume. The Digital Signal Processor adjusts frequency response for full sound at low volume settings and will activate compressors to lower dangerous peak signals when the music is being played at loud volumes to prevent clipping. This ensures great sound and reliable performance.

    Bass Control: Out of the box, the Deepblue 2's bass is set at a level that achieves the best balance of bass output for most situations. You will find that bass output is greatly affected by walls and surfaces within close proximity to the Deepblue 2 music system, especially if you place it in a corner which will boost bass. On the included remote, you'll find Bass +/- buttons which allow you to adjust Deepblue 2's bass for your room. Once set, Deepblue 2 remembers your last setting so all you have to do is turn it on and press play.

    Analog & Digital Inputs: In addition to Bluetooth wireless connectivity, the Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 offers both analog (3.5mm) and digital (toslink) wired inputs.

    Optical Digital Input: The Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2's optical (toslink) digital input provides up to 24-bit/96kHz resolution for high-resolution digital audio sound from your TV, Blu-ray player, or network player.

    Analog Aux Input: The Audio Deepblue 2 is fitted with a 3.5mm auxiliary input and comes with a stereo minijack cable to connect your non-Bluetooth audio devices with a headphone jack output. Even a traditional audio component, like a CD player can be connected with a simple RCA-to-mini adaptor (sold separately).

    IR Remote: The included IR remote control allows you to operate Power, Source, Volume, and Bass functions of the Deepblue 2 music system. The Deepblue 2 has auto-dimming LEDs which display volume and bass levels, and provide visual feedback when using the remote control.

    AC Power: The Peachtree Audio Deepblue 2 operates off of standard household current (100-240V~50/60Hz) using the supplied 6' AC power cord. To save power, the unit will automatically go into standby mode when the speaker system is idle for approximately 12 hours.

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