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Kanto Sub8 120W 8" Active Subwoofer

Matte Black
Gloss Black
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Matte Gray

  • Looking to add some extra thump to your system? Get ready to bump the bass and shake the walls with the Kanto Sub8 120W 8" Active Subwoofer. Its 8" paper-cone woofer is powered by a 120W Class-D amplifier. With a frequency response of 35 to 175 Hz, the Sub8 is equipped to handle a variety of listening material. Its controls include a phase switch, cut-off frequency adjust, and a volume control. It features a front-firing design and a pair of RCA line-level inputs for versatile integration.


    • Every space is different. Precise dials for volume and cut-off frequency offer exacting, responsive control that lets you shape your bass to fit the unique character of your room.

    Stereo Inputs

    • For universal system integration, the Sub8 features stereo inputs for use with virtually any source. Anything from vintage stereo receivers to high-end amplifiers with stereo sub output can be connected.


    • Solid rubber feet keep the Sub8 firmly planted on any surface. Isolating the housing from the surrounding environment allows for enhanced clarity, separation from lower-mid frequencies, and reduced vibration.

    Acoustic MDF

    • The acoustic MDF enclosure is engineered to reduce undesired resonance and reverberation inside the box, providing clean, uncolored sound.

    Perforated Grille

    • The Sub8 features a specially designed grille designed to protect the driver from impact and dust while allowing sound to travel through with minimal diffraction.
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