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Audioengine A2+ Powered Bookshelf Speakers


  • Do you have the award winning Audioengine A2 speakers? Are you happy with them? Do they sound perfect to you? Well if you answered yes to any of those questions you may as well toss them in the trash and buy the new   Audioengine A2+ speakers. They have everything you loved about the A2s and more!

    Upgrade your Audio

    These speakers aren't a mass-produced product that sounds like tin after listening to it for a couple months. These speakers don't look like they were pumped out in a factory in five minutes. These speakers are the Audioengine A2+s and they are an easy upgrade over most desktop speakers. Not only do they sound great for a low price but they look amazing too.

    Brotherly Love

    For those of you who aren't ready to make the jump into some bigger speakers, the Audioengine A2+ are the speakers for you. They come in at one-third of the size of the Audioengine A5+ but they still pack quite the punch. Audioengine used the same custom tweeters as in the Audioengine 5+, matched them with compact Kevlar woofers, then added high-performance amplifiers with high-quality connectors. All this is wrapped in classy, wood cabinets with a hand-polished finish to create a premium quality desktop multimedia speaker system at an affordable price that puts all those sad plastic computer speakers to shame!

    Smaller Speakers, Still Big Bass

    To say that the bass on the Audioengine 2+ is substantial for their size may be an understatement, but you should be the judge. The bass was teased from the A2+ with some clever acoustic and electrical design without using any digital signal processing or fake bass boost circuits. Wood remains a preferred speaker enclosure material for its stiffness at higher volume levels and the cabinet focuses just the right amount of low end from the tuned front port slots.

    Minding the Gap

    The Audioengine 2+ are the speakers anybody should buy if they actually enjoy listening to music and movies at their desktop. You don't want to be in a situation where on one those cold, wintry Canadian nights, you are snuggled up with your loved one, turn on your music and have a shrill whine playing from some cheap, ugly plastic speakers. No, you want to turn it on and be soothed by the sounds purring out of the Audioengine A2+ speakers that will never let you down.

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